Tempo Time Credits

The time credits scheme offers another way for our members to spend their credits earned through our time bank.  The Tempo scheme is a nationwide organisation that partners with local organisations to offer free opportunities to people who volunteer in their communities.

Our Time Bank is signed up to the scheme which means you can use your credits earned in our parish to spend on opportunities in Cambridgeshire and beyond!

Please check out THIS DOCUMENT that lists the partner organisations in Cambridgeshire for October 2023, including:

Shepreth Wildlife Park

One Leisure (Huntingdon & St. Ives)

Diamond Hampers

The Library Presents

The Light Cinema

Cambridge Junction (Theatre)


How Does it Work?

  1. Contact our coordinator Rose (via email or phone) and request to be set up as a volunteer on the Tempo system.  Rose will check your time bank balance to make sure you have credits to transfer over to Tempo.
  2. You will receive an invitation to verify your Tempo account via email.  This will generate a unique ID which you can use to book your tickets with partnering organisations.
  3. Once you are signed-up, you will be able to see the full list of opportunities available on the Tempo website.
  4. Rose will transfer you some credits from your time bank account to your Tempo account depending on how many you would like to use.

Some things to note:

  • Organisations only make a certain number of tickets available to Tempo for each event, so it may be that they sell out.
  • Whilst it takes a couple of steps to get you set up, once you're on the system you can independently book opportunities, just request (from our coordinator) via email or phone however many credits you will need for the event(s) you wish to book.
  • Our Time Bank only receives a certain number of Tempo credits per month, so we limit the number of time credits we allocate to people based on demand.
  • Only certain time bank credits qualify under the tempo scheme.  For example, credits earned by attending a coffee morning do not qualify.  However, if you baked for a coffee morning or did the washing up, those credits would count.  Our coordinator will be able to see on your account how many of your credits qualify and can advise you.



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