Frequently Asked Questions

What age do I need to be to join the Time Bank? Can my children join?

Any age! All are welcome and we have members from ages 6-95 years old. The TIme Bank encourages everyone to get involved.

Can I join for free? Are there any forms I have to fill out? And do I need to attend any meetings?

Joining is absoutely free. You should submit an individual membership application form and UK GDPR Consent Form (available to download from our Newsletters & Docs page).  We will ask for two references, these can be friends, neighbours, or colleagues.

You are welcome to attend as many meetings or events as you wish, but there is no requirement.

What if I have nothing to give in return for someone's time?

This does not matter, everyone has something to give whether it be your knowledge of chess or baking skills. The Time Bank will support you all the way.

I haven't earned any hours; can I still ask for help?

Yes, the hours are for tracking purposes and we will support everyone who needs our help.

Why do you ask for references?

As we are going in to other peoples homes, we ask for references to ensure we are all safe. 

How do I know what is happening in the Timebank?

The Timebank Co-ordinator Rose Williams will keep you informed via our email newsletter and you can also follow us on social media.  Find links at the top of this page.

I need help completing a task, how do I make a request for help?

By contacting our coordinator Rose Williams either through email (, by telephone (07484 524180) or by visiting the St Mary's Centre on Monday's or Thursday's.

Can I request help, or offer to help, online?

Yes. We use TimeOnLine2 (Tol2), which as a member you will be signed up to.

The programme gives you the chance to create a user name and password, and is also in line with UK General Data Protection Regulations . Visit to get started.

Alternatively, you can contact Rose Williams personally for requests.

If someone gives me a lift do I need to pay for petrol?

Yes petrol is charged at 45 pence per mile and you will pay the driver. It is a good idea to have worked out your journey in advance so you know how much you will have to pay.

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