Our Digital Inclusion project was awarded funding for 2 years which will come to an end on 21st July 2023.  The project helps to support anyone who might be excluded from experiences and services because they cannot access digital spaces.  This was particularly relevant during the pandemic.  We continue to offer Digital Drop-ins and we also offer one-to-one support to anyone who asks, so if you need help with a digital device, don't hesitate to get in touch.  

As part of the funding we trained up some Digital Champions who are the backbone of the project.  A bunch of friendly and digitally-confident individuals (of all ages!) who will talk through your query with you and walk you through a solution where possible.  We don't have all the answers, but we enjoy the challenge.  We would love to train up some more Digital Champions to help this project continue beyond the funded period, so if you feel confident using tech (you don't have to be able to write code or know the answer to everything) and would be willing to give your time in this way, please let me know.  The role is extremely flexible and valuable.

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