Yoga for Wellbeing - Spring 2024

This project is aimed to get inactive people active and provide a space for people who would like to be more connected to their community in a gentle and low-pressure environment.  Yoga has so many health benefits and is a truly holistic practice, so we believe it can offer a boost to participants' wellbeing in a range of ways.

We want to find people who would like to give yoga a try either for the first time or after a very long break, or perhaps someone who has experienced an injury or adverse life experience that has meant they have been inactive for a while.  We are also interested in welcoming those who are excluded from other activities due to cost, especially in light of the Cost of Living crisis.  Through our consultation we also became conscious that the pandemic has exacerbated social anxieties and some of the activities that people attended before lockdowns either ended completely or people felt nervous about returning to them when they did reopen.  We wanted to provide a space for people who would like to be more active but have been hesitant to do so for whatever reason.

The bottom line is - you don't have to be 'good' at yoga!  There are so many benefits to just getting together with other humans in a space and enjoying the energy and companionship of others without the pressure of socialising.   The classes are subsidised by funding from HDC.

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