Meet the Millers

This season at Houghton Mill, members of our Time Bank will have the opportunity to spend their time bank credits on a Sunday ‘Meet the Millers’ experience.  Each week we will have a number of spots available exclusively to time bank members. ‘Meet the Millers’ is a self-led tour through the Mill, with the possibility of seeing electric stone milling in action.  Let me know by Thursday if you would like a spot on that Sunday's guestlist.  

All you have to do is let Rose know by Thursday 12noon for the Sunday tour that week – either by telephone or email.  If you’d like to bring someone along with you that isn’t a time bank member, you can use your credits to pay for them also.  The cost of the tour is 3 credits per person.  At the time of booking your time bank account will be debited, so please don’t forget to turn up!  I will supply you with a unique ticket code that you will need to present on the door.

I will advertise the offer in each Monday email if it is going ahead, as sometimes there will be dates that are not possible.  We are really grateful to the Mill for offering this opportunity to our members and they look forward to welcoming you this coming season.

PHOTO CREDITS: The picture of Glenn was taken by Mike Selby and the one of Liz was taken by Lydia Neil.  The photo of the electric stone mill was also taken by Mike Selby.

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