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15 October 2019
Week of 15 Oct Updates

Good afternoon Timebankers,


We continue to experience serious email issues - please make sure you have our address whitelisted (add this address to your contacts and also make sure your spam filters are affirmatively set to never send emails from this address to junk. We're working hard to fix it and ask for your patience. All upcoming events will be posted on the community boards, on the Facebook page, and on the website - so for now please also use these alternative methods for staying informed.


Dates for the diary:


Tomorrow Weds 16 Oct – 10 AM    – Health Walk starting at St. Mary’s Centre. 2 groups- both are sticking to fully paved routes this week given the wet ground. Group 1 goes ~3 miles. Group 2 goes between 1/2 and 1 mile at a very leisurely pace on even, paved paths.


Tomorrow Weds 16 Oct – 6 - 8 PM – Timebank Fundraiser at 3 Jolly Butchers – The restaurant side is fully booked, FANTASTIC! If you didn't get a table you can still support the Timebank by grabbing a drink or something from the pub food menu on the pub side from 6-8 pm. Thank you for your support!


Weds 23 Oct – 10 AM    – Coffee Morning at St. Mary’s Centre


Tues 05 Nov – 1:30 PM  – Afternoon Scrabble at the village shop


Weds 13 Nov – 10 AM   – Coffee Morning at St. Mary’s Centre


Weds 20 Nov – 10 AM   – Health Walk starting at St. Mary’s Centre


Weds 27 Nov – 10 AM   – Coffee Morning at St. Mary’s Centre

This week's exchange opportunities:

Urgent Request: Volunteers needed to serve coffee, tea, and cook bacon butties at Our Shop's Community shop planning meeting on October 19 in St Mary’s Centre. The meeting begins at 9 AM.

Administrative housekeeping request: If you participate in an ongoing member to member exchange that originated through the Timebank, please let me know. It's key to whether the Timebank's liability coverage extends to you, and also important for measuring our Timebank's activity. Thank you!

Request: Cakes for upcoming coffee mornings on 23 October.

Request: Member needs assistance with painting two ceilings they can't reach (she does have a step ladder, extender pole, etc, but is on the shorter side). She will have everything moved out of the way and is not looking for a professional result - just would like some help making it a bit tidier.

Request: Member requests some help with tidying her garden.

Request: Car ride needed for local gentleman from his home in Wyton-on-the-Hill to St. Ives for a medical appointment that occurs 1:30 PM on each Thursday for the immediate future. If you are able to provide transport on one or more Thursdays, please contact me for further details.

Request: Leaflet delivery needed for Timebank materials to Timebank members. For those of you who have offered thus far, thank you. We still need help with this - please consider it. I have divided what's left into small area groupings, which are:

6 addresses on Houghton Hill

4 addresses on Farm Close, St. Ives Rd, and The Lanes

13 addresses – Thicket Road, Mill Street, Chapel Lane

8 addresses – Victoria Crescent

11 addresses - The Orchards, and Huntingdon Road

11 addresses – Ware Lane, Loxley Green, Warren Close, Old Farm Court

5 addresses - Manor Close, Splash Lane, Townsend Close

6 addresses – Wyton on the Hill

3 addresses – Hartford

Request: Administrative assistance in Timebank office to assist with updating our membership contact info. Will require making phone calls.

Request: Occasional assistance needed to provide company for Alzheimer patient in home while primary caregiver attends their own medical appointments. This can be split into short 2 hour shifts. If this is something you are willing to do, pending your availability, please let me know and I will add you to a list of potential volunteers to be notified when the need arises.

Request: Calling all crafters, even the self proclaimed unskilled type! Timebankers are needed to help with a craft project for the primary school's Christmas Fayre. They are making hedgehog books, and if you can fold a piece of paper, you can do this. You can make these on your own for now, and later we will coordinate a crafting afternoon with the kids to make some together. Contact me for more details, to let me know your interest, and to get supplies. Thanks to those who have let me know of their interest thus far- I'm just waiting on a few more people to step up and then will send out a group email to you.

Thank you - stay dry and warm this week! Please let me know if you have any other requests or offers.




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